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We just published our first book, with more in the works! You can shop our books here. Read more about all of our projects below:

Do You Speak Tree?

Do You Speak Tree-min.jpg

If a tree falls and no one around cares, what do you do?

Oakie the good-natured oak tree goes on adventure to find help. Will Oakie save the forest? That all depends...

Do You Speak Tree? (Recommended reading age 5-8).

Thorn the Unicorn (Issue #1-4)

Thorn Cover.png

The first four issues are here:

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ABOUT THE STORY: What would you do if you found a unicorn being hunted for its horn? With disease plaguing the land and violence against magical beings on the rise, two orphans go against kingdom decree when they rescue a baby unicorn.  

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Did You Boscov Today? 

In memory of Albert Boscov


Before founding Oak Tree Comics, Josh Oaktree and Amelia Boscov co-edited an anthology of memories about their grandfather.

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