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Do You Speak Tree?

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Do You Speak Tree? is an environmentally-conscious graphic novel for young readers. For every book sold, Oak Tree Comics plants a tree. Learn more.

THE STORY: If a tree falls and no one around cares, what do you do? Oakie the good-natured oak tree goes on adventure to find help. Will Oakie save the forest? That all depends...

Do You Speak Tree? 

Illustrated by Josiane Vlitos. Written by Josh Oaktree.

Preview the book online.

Thorn the Unicorn (Issues #1-6)

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Thorn Issue 2.jpg
Issue 3.jpg
Issue 4.jpg
Thorn Issue 5.jpg

What would you do if you found a unicorn being hunted for its horn?


With disease plaguing their land and violence against magical beings on the rise, orphans Jack and Rosie go against kingdom decree when they rescue a baby unicorn. Thorn is a magical middle grade comic book series.

Art by A. D'Amico. Story by Josh Oaktree.

Preview the first issue online.

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Did You Boscov Today? 

In memory of Albert Boscov


Before founding Oak Tree Comics, managing director Josh Oaktree and creative director Amelia Boscov co-edited an anthology of memories about their grandfather.

Read more about the book.

Order your copy ($6.99).

All proceeds go to the non-profit Our City Reading.

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