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About Our Stories

Below you can read about each of our books:

Art & Oakie Ask: Do You Speak Tree?

Illustrated by Josiane Vlitos. Written by Josh Oaktree.

OakTree Cover Images-01.jpg
DYST Page 1-2_RGB.jpg

Art & Oakie Ask is a nearly wordless picture book series that makes speaking up for the environment universal and fun for everyone. The series follows an imaginative first-grader and her best friend Oakie the good-natured oak tree. Together Art and Oakie go on adventures to help their friends in nature. 


Thanks to the wordless format, reading the books aloud is as creative as it is fun! You and your littles get to interpret the book's lush comics imagery and make up the story for yourselves. 

DYST Page 7-8_RGB.jpg

In the first book, Oakie the oak tree goes on an adventure to find someone who will speak up for the forest. But the problem is that Oakie speaks Tree, a fun visual language that no one else understands.

DYST Page 23-24_RGB.jpg

That all changes when Oakie meets Art, an imaginative elementary school student with a crayon in hand and a plan in mind to save the day.

Art & Oakie Ask: Do You Speak Bear?

Illustrated by Josiane Vlitos. Written by Josh Oaktree.

OakTree Cover Images-04.jpg
DYSB Page 40-41.jpg

Do You Speak Bear? continues the adventures of Art and Oakie as they speak up for all of the animals who call the forest home.

DYST Page 43-44.jpg
One Tree Planted-min.png

For every copy of Do You Speak Tree? and Do You Speak Bear?  that Oak Tree Comics prints, Oak Tree Comics donates a dollar to One Tree Planted, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Art & Oakie Ask: Do You Speak Bee?

Illustrated by Josiane Vlitos. Written by Josh Oaktree.


In Do You Speak Bee?, Oakie befriends a colony of bees only to find out that Art is scared of them. To help Art overcome her fear, Oakie invites the bees to teach Art's class. When Art learns how bees pollinate the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat, what will she do? Can Art and Oakie help save the bees?


For every book we print, Oak Tree Comics donates to an environmental non-profit. For Do You Speak Bee?, Oak Tree Comics will be donating a dollar per book to the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants.

Thorn the Unicorn

Artwork by A. D'Amico. Written by Josh Oaktree.

THORN Book 1 Cover-min.jpg

What would you do if you found a unicorn being hunted for its horn?


When best friends Jack and Rosie discover an injured unicorn in the Fayre Woods, they risk their lives to come to her aid. Ruthless Lord Aldred and his guard of hunters are desperate to capture the elusive unicorn—anything to find a cure for the mysterious disease that plagues the land of Faerie.


Can Jack and Rosie keep Thorn the unicorn safe, or will the Kingdom of the Seven Tapestries continue unraveling until there is no magic left to protect?


Thorn the Unicorn is a magical, middle-grade graphic novel series that fans of Amulet and Lightfall will adore.


Oak Tree Comics will be donating a dollar per book to an environmental non-profit, which will be announced as part of this spring's pre-order campaign. The book will debut on World Animal Day, October 4th, 2024.

The Weird Animal Hour

Art by A. D'Amico. Written by Josh Oaktree.

Cover Concept design.jpeg

Brought to you by the team of Thorn the UnicornThe Weird Animal Hour is a hardcover anthology of sixty illustrations that combine mythical creatures with endangered species. Accompanying each illustration is information about the animal and how you can help it.

The image above is a temporary cover concept design, and below is an example of an interior page spread:


The book will debut on World Animal Day, October 4th, 2024.


Our non-profit partner for The Weird Animal Hour will be announced as part of this spring's pre-order campaign.

Three-toed Sloth + Mermaid

Did You Boscov Today? 

In memory of Albert Boscov


Before founding Oak Tree Comics, Josh Oaktree and Amelia Boscov co-edited an anthology of memories about their grandfather Albert Boscov.

Did you buy your copy of Did You Boscov Today?

Read more about the book. All proceeds to charity.

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