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Did You Boscov Today?
Did You Boscov Today? Book by Josh Aichenbaum, Amelia Boscov, and Jonah Boscov-Brown

A message from Oak Tree Comics' founder, Josh Oaktree:


In 2017, my cousins and I published a book about our grandfather. It was our first time publishing and by far my favorite project ever.


Did You Boscov Today? is an anthology of memories about Albert Boscov, the retailer and philanthropist, as told by those who knew and loved him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Below are a couple thousand, visually-speaking, to describe the unique and loving person I knew as Granddaddy Al. 

Albert Boscov with his grandchildren, Josh Aichenbaum and David Aichenbaum
Albert Boscov with his grandson, Josh Aichenbaum
Albert and Eunice Boscov
Albert Boscov at bat with Did You Boscov Today hat

If you've never met Albert Boscov, he was a teddy bear, the Barnum and Bailey of retail, as warm and silly as he was hard-working. He grew his father's corner store into Boscov's, a family-owned department store based out of Reading, PA. When he passed in February 2017, thousands of letters arrived from the community by mail, email, and Facebook, sending love, prayers and, in those letters, hundreds of stories.

Did You Boscov Today? book signing with Josh, Amelia, Jonah and Chloe

My cousins and I published a collection of those stories a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2017. Sharing the book was one way we hoped to thank the community. When our grandfather was sick, so many people shared their memories and, through those stories, we got to live with our grandfather a little longer and learn from him.

Want to learn more about the book?


You can read Josh's journal entry about publishing it on his author's blog.

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