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Teacher Testimonials

My class loved spending time with Josh Oaktree and speaking to him about his book Do You Speak Tree?  The students loved hearing the author tell the story in his own voice.  In the discussion that followed, they had a chance to share their thoughts and ideas about being stewards of the earth and helping other species thrive by speaking their language.  We also spoke about how important it is to be upstanders and speak on behalf of those whose voices are not being heard.  Through his books, I think that Josh Oaktree is not only helping children connect with nature; he is also helping them be activists and justice seekers. I highly recommend inviting him to your class and letting him share his talent and spirit with your students.  


  • Teodora Nedialkova, 3rd Grade teacher

What a treat it was having Josh Oaktree visit and speak to my class!  To meet the author of Do You Speak Tree? and the Thorn series brought both these stories and the themes they represent to life.  During his visit, Josh masterfully facilitated an interactive reading of Do You Speak Tree?, which simultaneously engaged and delighted my students.  Throughout his visit, Josh was funny, genuine, connected easily with the students, and spoke eloquently about how he had found a way to do his part in helping the planet through his work.  His visit was so enjoyable (and his books so good!) that his name is now well-known in our school.  Thanks, Josh, for being such an inspiration!  

  • Orit Netter, 4th Grade teacher


My students adored Do You Speak Tree? from the first interactive read aloud and immediately asked to read it again. When I explained that not only would I read it again but that we were going to have a special Author's Visit from the book's creator Josh Oaktree, their eyes got wide. We put the special event on our class calendar and counted down the days to Oaktree's visit. When they arrived, the room filled with excitement. Students were completely rapt from start to finish as Josh invited them to join in a bilingual reading of Do you Speak Bear? My school principal stopped by and, while everyone was too engaged to notice him enter, he was very inspired by the way Oaktree invited students to take on telling the story and collaborate with one another. In both the highly interactive reading and the connected art project that followed, student voices were deeply honored and celebrated. This experience empowered students to see themselves both as writers/storytellers and as environmentalists who do indeed speak tree (and bear!). 


  • Maestra Emma, Paul Revere Elementary School

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