About Josh Oaktree
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Josh is a writer and the managing director and founder of Oak Tree Comics. In this photo, he poses with his namesake, the oak tree. He shares much in common with this particular oak. As you can see, both Josh and the bonsai oak are a similar height. Both also enjoy being in nature.

Before founding Oak Tree Comics, Josh received his MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. His short films include the grand prize winner of Amazon Prime's All Voices Film Festival, "Mr. and Mrs. Kim," and the western, "Lawman." With his cousins, Amelia and Jonah, he also co-wrote and published an anthology of memories about their grandfather, Did You Boscov Today? 

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Did you know...? (Fun Facts)

Josh loves running in the mountains, climbing on rocks, and doing spontaneous cartwheels.


His legal last name "Aichenbaum" means "Oak Tree" in German. "Josh Oaktree" is his pseudonym.


Josh holds an MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute and a BA from Middlebury College where he studied film and English and played muggle quidditch.


Josh can juggle. He can also ride a unicycle. But he cannot ride a unicycle while juggling. Scientists are studying why.