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Young Readers

Art & Oakie Ask is our first graphic novel series for young readers. The series follows an imaginative first-grader and her best friend Oakie the oak tree on their adventures to speak up for nature.

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Book 1: Do You Speak Tree?
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What makes the series unique is that each story is nearly wordless.


In the first book, Oakie the oak tree goes on an adventure to find someone who will speak up for the forest. But the problem is that Oakie speaks Tree, a fun visual language that no one else understands.

DYST Page 7-8_RGB.jpg

That all changes when Oakie meets Art, an imaginative elementary school student with a crayon in hand and a plan in mind to save the day.

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Book 2: Do You Speak Bear?
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Do You Speak Bear? continues the adventures of Art and Oakie as they speak up for all of the animals who call the forest home.

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For every copy of Do You Speak Tree? and Do You Speak Bear?  that Oak Tree Comics prints, Oak Tree Comics donates a dollar to One Tree Planted, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Book 3: Do You Speak Bee?

Art and Oakie's third book is now available to pre-order. From April through June, we are running a one-of-a-kind pre-order campaign that rewards readers for ordering early.


Learn more about the campaign & help us reach our goal of 500+ pre-orders here.


We're dedicating Do You Speak Bee? "for the teachers" because where would we be without them?


Here are links to educator guides for the first two books as well free coloring pages. You may use the educator guides and coloring pages for educational-use only. For all other inquires, commercial or otherwise, please contact the Oak Tree Comics team.

Oak tree Comics Coloring Sheet.jpg

An example of an Art & Oakie Ask coloring page

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