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What's the buzz? You can now pre-order Art and Oakie's third adventure! 


THE STORY: In Do You Speak Bee?, Oakie befriends a colony of bees only to find out that Art is scared of them. To help Art overcome her fears, Oakie invites the bees into the school to teach Art's class. When Art learns how bees pollinate the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat, what will she do? Can Art and Oakie help save the bees?


ABOUT THE SERIES: Art & Oakie Ask is a nearly wordless graphic novel series for young readers that speaks up for all our friends in nature. What makes the series unique is that it is nearly wordless. Lush comic book illustrations tell the story. To read it aloud, you and your little ones get to interpret and make up the story for yourself.


Illustrated by Josiane Vlitos

Written by Josh Oaktree


✨Help us reach our goal of 500 pre-orders! To encourage readers to order early, we are offering 20% off all pre-orders ✨


When will you receive your books?


  • They will arrive on your doorstep in time for the book's debut on World Animal Day: Friday, October 4th. 


How does pre-ordering help the environment and our small business? ðŸ“šâ¬‡ï¸ðŸ¡


  • When you pre-order, you give a book a home. Here's why that's so important: Due to an economy of scale, books become cheaper when publishers print more. That's why big publishers tend to order more than they can sell. This has a devestating impact on the environment. Each year, 160,000 trucks filled with unread books go to landfill. That's roughly 10 million trees that are cut down unnecessarily. (Resource: Chicago Review of Books). 


  • One way to address this problem is to shop digitally. Buying eBooks helps creators and the environment. So, please consider shopping for the eBook of Do You Speak Bee? when it debuts in August.


  • Of course, there are plenty of wonderful reasons for wanting a book to hold and cherish. That's why we're running a one-of-a-kind pre-order campaign.


  • Our goal is for every book to have a home. We will only be printing the total number of pre-orders, plus 250-500 additional copies. Why? Because we want to sell every copy. That way every book will have a home.


  • Your pre-order helps us improve the material that our books are made from. In the perfect world, all books would be printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper, which is paper that comes from sustainably-sourced forests. Both of these printing options are only available to publishers that can substantiate larger order quantities. A benefit of this pre-order campaign is that we are simultaneously publishing three titles. If each title receives 500+ pre-orders, we will be well-positioned to have a large enough grouped order to qualify for FSC-certified paper. That would be amazing! Your pre-order helps us in our ongoing goal of making our books as environmentally-friendly as possible.


In addition to the subject matter, what are other ways that our books at Oak Tree Comics are eco-friendly?


  • Our books use soy-based inks instead of petroleum, which is better for our planet.



  • Our goal for all of our books is to have as minimal of an impact on the environment as we can while inspiring the next generation to love and care for our planet as much as possible. We always strive to improve our impact and would love to hear from you. If you have questions about the pre-order campaign or ideas to share, please contact our team here.


With much joy and appreciation,

Josh Oaktree

Founder, Author, & Managing Director at Oak Tree Comics

Do You Speak Bee? (Hardcover)

$19.99 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
Ready to ship in October 2024

    • ART & OAKIE ASK: DO YOU SPEAK BEE? (Hardcover)


    • Publisher: ‎ Oak Tree Comics (October 4, 2024)
    • Language: ‎ English
    • Hardcover: ‎ 64 pages
    • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1-954754-07-2
    • Reading age: ‎ 5-8 years and older
    • Dimensions: ‎ 8 x 10 inches
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