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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Oak Tree Comics is a 100% independent publisher founded by author Josh Oaktree. (That's me!)

Our goal is for our books to speak up for the environment both through their content and their means of production.


On this page, you will find everything we do as a team to strive to be as sustainable in our publishing as possible and what, in the years to come, we seek to improve upon.

Josh Oaktree.png

Author & Managing Director Josh Oaktree


  • We source our packaging and shipping supplies from Ecoenclose.

  • We're proud to announce that our upcoming books (fall of 2024) will all be printed with FSC-certified paper. FSC-certified paper comes from sustainably-grown forests. Usually, FSC-certified paper is only available at an added cost for larger print runs, which makes it challenging to obtain for smaller presses like ours. To address that problem, we're printing three of our projects at the same time, so our overall print order is large enough to qualify for FSC-paper. For all future projects, we plan to do the same. 

  • For our upcoming books, they will be shipped to Oak Tree Comics HQ packaged with recyclable materials instead of bubble wrap. That's thanks to the company who prints our books. PrintNinja kindly accommodated our requests both for FSC-certified paper and for paper packaging.

  • Our apparel is made by Known Supply, an ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade apparel brand.

  • Our stickers are made from 100% compostable wood pulp by Sticker It.

  • At the core of our environmentalism is a self-growth mindset. We strive to be as transparent as possible in our eco-publishing journey, so others can learn from us, and we, too, can continue to improve upon and fine-tune how our books speak up for the environment.

  • In the future, we'd like to print all of our books domestically. That's one area where we seek to improve. Currently, we print in China, as domestic printing is not feasible. We also want to become better at encouraging our readers to shop our eBooks, as reading digitally will always be more eco-friendly than any means of print production.  

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