Our first book launches on Earth Day, April 22nd!

This book plants a tree. Whether you buy digitally or print, your book purchase aids reforestation.


The eBook includes over a dozen adorable animated images. The ePub document is emailed to you upon purchase.



If a tree falls and no one around cares, what do you do?

Oakie the good-natured oak tree goes on an adventure to find help. But when Oakie speaks, would-be friends become confused. The problem is that Oakie speaks "tree," a fun visual language that no one else understands. That all changes when Oakie meets Art, an elementary student with a crayon in hand and a plan in mind to inspire the world. Will Art & Oakie save the day? That all depends...

Do You Speak Tree?

This book is an exquisite and thought-provoking eco-friendly graphic novel for kids. Its nearly wordless story makes environmentalism universal and fun for everyone, no matter your reading level.

Whether you buy digitally or in print, your book purchase plants a tree. Help us at Oak Tree Comics grow our goal of planting 500+ trees this year!

Animated eBook