Push Pin by Jaehuen Chung

Push Pin is an Oak Tree Garden publication and Jaehuen Chung's upcoming debut graphic novel. Release date TBD.

THE STORY. Sixteen-year-old Byung-Hyuk (please just call him "Guy") and his cousin do not get along. Guy is a parachute kid. His parents are so well-to-do that they not only sent him by himself to the U.S., but they also paid his cousin's parents to take care of him. Maybe his cousin, Minsoo, resents Guy for his wealth. Or maybe Guy is just too easy of a target. Minsoo makes fun of him for being fresh off the boat from Korea.


In a basement bathroom, they fight. Minsoo easily out-wrestles the chubbier Guy and throws him to the floor. Guy screams. Lodged in his lower back is a push pin so deep, at first, they think it's a mole. On the push pin is a set of mysterious numbers — a code — that sets the two cousins on a journey, in search of answers that will reveal a surprising discovery about where they're from and who they are.

About the Author


Jaehuen Chung grew up watching Ultraman, reading The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor, and playing Metal Gear Solid. When his father urged him to find a practical career, he became a filmmaker. Now that he has a daughter of his own, he spends his time with her watching Frozen, reading Rainbow Magic, and playing The Game of Life: My Little Pony edition. Maybe she, too, will become a storyteller like her father.

Following his father's advice, Jaehuen studied film & TV production at NYU and then film directing as a graduate fellow at the American Film Institute. His short film, "Mr. and Mrs. Kim," was a semi-finalist at NBCUniversal's Short Film Festival and the grand prize winner of Amazon Prime's All Voices Film Festival.


Watch "Mr. and Mrs. Kim" on Amazon Prime.