Hey, Netflix! Here are 5 LGBTQ+ Comics You Should Adapt in 2021

Updated: Feb 28

Netflix recently announced its adaptation of Heartstopper. If you haven't read the graphic novel series by Alice Oseman, do yourself a favor and get your copy today. Its heartwarming handling of a queer teenaged romance is both delightful and refreshing.

Inspired by the great news, we've made a list of an additional five queer graphic novels from 2020 that should be adapted right away! Without further ado, check out what may very well be the first in our series of passionate listicles telling streamers what comics content to make.

1. You Brought Me the Ocean by Alex Sánchez

(for ages 14 and up)

I hope this is already in development somewhere! You Brought Me the Ocean is your not-so-typical superhero story brought to you by the following trio: the New York Times bestselling illustrator of Blue is the Warmest Color, the Lambda Award-winning author of Rainbow Boys, and DC Comics.

Its story follows a teenager as he discovers his superpowers and sexuality. No one likes spoilers (except my brother who reads the last page first). For the rest of you, I'll avoid recapping too much of the plot.

What I'll do instead is include one of my favorite panels from each book and, hopefully, if inspired, you'll seek out the rest.

2. Check, Please by Ngozi Ukazu