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One of the benefits to having a mother who works in education is hearing all of her wonderful book recommendations. My mom (better known as Mrs. A by her students) actually got her start as a teacher in my first grade class. On one of her first days as a substitute teacher, seven-year-old me got so jealous that she was so good with the other students that I hit her on the butt. She was very good at explaining why that was not a good thing to do.


I wasn't the only one who noticed her teaching excellence. Soon after, she was hired to teach fifth grade reading and writing. After sixteen years of teaching literature, she now runs the Teaching and Learning Center at William Penn Charter School.

Here are a few of my mom's favorite books for middle-grade readers and why she adores them:




by Wendy Mass

  "I loved this book so much that I made a book trailer for it. You can watch the trailer on Youtube. Another one of my favorites is also by Wendy Mass, A Mango-Shaped Space."

        — Mrs. A

That's me and my mom. Occasionally, she sends me a cool article or a great educational resource. From now on, I'll be sharing those resources and more on my blog as she sends them to me.